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HGA AGM 2018 Minutes




Full minutes of the 2018 AGM are at the link above


AGM 2019 Meeting Details and Agenda


This years Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday 13th March at 8:30pm

in Salutation Hall, Salutation Road, Darlington, DL3 8JN



HGA - AGM Minutes 2018










Malcolm Harding

David Noddings

Robert Watson

Su Greenacre

Ann Harding

Ian Falconer

Greg Bowman

Lee Bowman






Bonfires are currently permited but do remember to be mindful of adjoining plot holders and our neighbours when planning a fire. Please do not set a fire if it is too windy and make sure the wind

will not blow the smoke towards the nearest houses.

Always ensure the fire is extinguished before leave your plot.




We've had a bit of on upgrade to the website which now allows

you to view via your mobiles and tablets.

Please email us with any suggestions you may have or any content  you'd like to see included:

 [email protected]


Wildlife page 


Check out our Wildlife page dedicated to highlighting some of the wildlife you might find on your plot throughout the year. If you have any photos that you would like to share do send them through and we'll find some information out about the creature in question.


Cheap Environmental Products


Recycle for Tees Valley has teamed up with getcomposting.com to provide reduced priced environmental products such as home compost bins,

water butts and more.


EGM - Change of Allotment Year


The EGM held on 20th October 2017 passed the proposal to alter the allotment year so it will run from January to December starting from January 2019.


Emergency Site Keys


We have recently had a health incident which has highlighted one of the downsides of tending a plot within a locked site.


This is what happened.


One of the plot holders was working on their plot when they became unwell. They phoned a relative who came to the site but was unable to gain access as the gates were locked. Fortunately, the plot holder was able to get to the gate to open it and allow the relative access. As the plot holder had only one gate key, the relative could not gain access by themselves.


In light of this, the committee would encourage all plot holders to have at least 2 keys and that one key is given to the person that the plot holder would contact should they require assistance. Obviously, this person would need to know the layout of the site and the location of the plot.


You can pick up an additional key from the Treasurer; David Noddings, 14 Breck Road, Darlington, DL3 8NH. Please phone him on 01325 462658 to arrange a collection time. The deposit for this key is the standard £15.


HGA - Spring Clean Waste Disposal - aka The Skip


We have ordered a skip for Saturday the 23rd of March.

It will arrive at 8am and it will leave around 11:45am - yes, just 1 morning.


As usual there are restriction on what can be added, so



  • Leave any metal in the collection bay in the main car park.

  • We will get this collected by a scrap dealer sometime after the 24th.

  • We usually get some cash for it to add to our funds.

  • Once emptied, the metal bay will be closed down until October.


Woody Material

  • The big bonfire is not available this year. Do NOT add anything to it.( we need to get last years waste burnt first )

  • Waste wood can be taken to the council tip or burnt on you plot - please be considerate.

  • DO NOT burn - plastic, contiboard, roofing felt, tyres, asbestos, oil, paint, plaster board, carpets as it leaves the chemical residue in the soil.


Compostable Material

  • Should be composted on your own plot.



   Small stuff - Take it home and put it in the bottom of your glass recycling bin.

   Big panes - We don't know of any better option other than taking it to the council tip yourselves.

   We cannot put this into the skip


General Waste

  • This can be added to the skip.

  • DO NOT ADD - Glass, tyres, asbestos, oil, paint, plaster board - these must not go into the skip.

  • We must not overfill the skip, once it's full that's it.

  • One skip will arrive on the 23th of March for 3.5 hours.

  • It arrives at 8 am and leaves at 11:45 am.

  • DO NOT bring waste from home onto site to put in the skip - we have enough on site already!


Anything Else?

  • The only option is to take any other waste to the council tip yourselves.



  • Do not bring old carpets onto site to use as ground cover or on compost bins.

  • They rot and release toxins into the soil.

  • Remove them and replace with breathable plastic weed suppressant.









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Secretary’s Report

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